The Principality of Monaco Remembers 9/11

Through the legacy of American-born Princess Grace, the Principality of Monaco and the United States have shared a long-lasting and enduring friendship. For over fifty years, the Principality has had representative offices in New York City and has collaborated with the United States on numerous business and charitable endeavors, humanitarian causes and cultural exchanges. In addition, Monaco enjoys the reputation as one of America’s beloved tourist destinations. Prince Albert not only attended college in New England but also lived and worked in New York City.


In the days following the attacks, the Consulate General of Monaco in New York conveyed the Principality’s solidarity through a message of support and launched – in cooperation with the Monaco Government – a Solidarity Fund. The local residents, including a large number of Americans living there, and the businesses of Monaco, along with the Princess Grace Foundation-USA, contributed to the Fund. On October 23, 2001, H.S.H. Prince Albert traveled to New York City to present Mayor Giuliani with the proceeds.


“The attacks that occurred on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon were attacks not on New York alone but attacks on freedom-loving people all over the world,” Prince Albert told the Mayor. “The example of the American spirit remains an inspiration to all of us in Monaco. As we join with the United States in this time of sorrow, we hold dear our long-lasting and intimate friendship with America, her people and her ideals.”

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